Minutes – September 11th 2018


Minutes of the Meeting 

held on Tuesday 11th September 2018 at 7pm

Public Time

One members of the public attended this meeting and Cllr Mott..

A parishioner raised an issue with planning application 0438/18 Certificate of Lawfulness for Brambleside (next to Uppalong). The application relates to a railway carriage which the parishioner believes has never been lived in and which has always been used as a shed. 


Cllrs Cook, Moriarty, Squires, Skeaping, Fowler, Tainsh, MacIntyre. Also Dr Redding (Clerk)

  1. Apologies


  • Declarations of Interest


  • To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held July 10th 2018

Some amendments were made and the minutes were accepted. All actions from the previous minutes had been completed. 


  • Updates to actions from last meeting 10th July 2018 and further actions required
  • The Clerk sent an email to DNPA regarding the errors in the Lydford Settlement plan. DNPA replied with an updated settlement plan which the PC found to be incorrect. The tick boxes for a village store and the playground were not checked. The Clerk will contact DPNA again (A1)
  • No response to the letter to the Head of MAT. The Clerk will contact the head again (A2)
  • VAS quotes – These will be an agenda item in October
  • Reports from Outside Bodies

MUGA – Mr Williams reported on the MUGA report commissioned before the holidays for which MPS carried out the feasibility survey. They suggested a figure of £100,000 for the project. Other quotes were around £30,000. The Head of MAT will now discuss with the Board to decide if they will go ahead with the cheaper options or use the money in the playground account for other uses.

  • Borough Council Reports


  • Finances

The Clerk went through the finance for the whole year including the bank reconciliation. These were accepted by the PC as accurate.

7a – Bills for Payment

£132.40 (1304) A Marshall, Internal Audit

7b Grant applications


  • Planning Applications

0445/18 Downtown Farm – there were notes on the legal issues regarding the use of properties as a permanent residence. The PC response to DNPA was, to continue to support the application as stated previously (A3).

0438/18 Brambleside – The PC response to DNPA was to object to the application on the basis of experience and local knowledge and to question whether this building has ever been occupied as stated in the application (A4).

Note on Holmleigh –  small revision to plans – accepted by the PC. 

  • Correspondence
  1. Letter from C Middler – noted
  2. A Endean – local Government finance settlement consultation – the PC noted the information
  3. Pre-application information and process – noted
  4. Revised settlement plan – The Clerk to advise planning regarding the errors and to send a scanned copy of the corrected services and connectivity page
  5. Toilets – agenda item for October for discussion after the meeting with WDBC on the 18th September
  6. Housing with multiple occupation – noted
  7. Emergency Ready plans – noted. This will be discussed at the next meeting in relation to local resilience plans which have been completed for other parishes (agenda item October)
  8. Rural Bulletin Newsletter – noted (in future to be sent by email from the Clerk to all Cllrs (A5)
  9. DALC Newsletter  – noted
  10. Devon Communities together Newsletter – noted
  1. Agenda Items and date of next Parish Council Meeting
  2. Public Toilets – the PC has arranged to meet WDBC to discuss the issues surrounding closure of the toilets in Lydford. These are the only public toilets in the area for those using the tourist attractions in Lydford e.g. cyclists on the granite way is an activity that has been promoted heavily. Closing the toilets will reduce facilities for tourists. There is also an issue with the use of the outside areas when the toilets are not available during the winter period.  In other areas local businesses have been given a stipend to leave toilets open for public use. There was a suggestion that this could be undertaken by the Castle Inn. The PC would like to understand the costs of operating a public toilet in order to inform their decisions. The PC felt there are not sufficient funds or volunteers to run the facility without the knowledge of the financial input required. 
  3. Document Storage Cupboard. Cllr Fowler asked the Nicholls Hall Committee if the PC could place a cabinet in the WI room. This was agreed. The Clerk will consider the dimensions for the storage boxes and will look for a suitable cabinet (A6). 
  4. Lengthsman work – there is still around £500 in the TAP fund to be spent by November 2018. Items requiring attention include the pond and ditches around the ancient spring which need clearing; the edge of the road  opposite the school; drains to be checked and cleared if necessary. This needs to be completed before the Autumn. The Clerk will contact the Peter Tavy Lengthsman to carry out this work (A7). Skitt Lane past the railway bridge is seriously overgrown and needs to be cut back. Cllr Skeaping will contact the owner of the land.  The bench outside Lyneaste is in need of repair. Cllr Cook will contact Mr Leigh-Tyrer to carry out the repairs (A8).
  5. VAS update  – quotes were provided from companies suggested by the local highways community officer. The Clerk will contact Coeval for a final quote (A9)
  6. Bus Shelter – planning application is now being developed.  

The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 9th October 2018

  1. Urgent additional business by leave of the Chair
  2. The PC acknowledged the sterling work of Pat Martyn for the PC over a number of years. This will be recorded in the report for the Parish Magazine (A10)
  • The Clerk to order 3 poppy wreaths for the memorial service (11th November 2018) (A11)
  • Lydford Skatepark – the money raised is proposed to be given to the sports field committee since there are no volunteers to take on the skatepark project.
  • DAA – no night site has been found yet. Cllr Tainsh will email DAA. 
  • Update on emergency planning (agenda Item for October) 

Meeting closed at 20:36

.Signed ___________________ Chairperson                       Dated    

A1Lydford Settlement Plan revision DNPA 
A2Response from MATResponse received – see correspondence
A3 Planning notice 0445/18 Downtown FarmResponse submitted
A4Planning notice 0438/18 BramblesideResponse submitted
A5Rural Bulletin to email CllrsDone
A6Storage cabinetSourced
A7Lengthsmen work to contact Peter TavyDone – date TBC
A8Cllr Skeaping to contact Mr Friend re-overgrowth in Skitt LaneCllr Cook to contact Mr Leigh Tyrer re bench outside LyneasteCompleted
A9VAS quote from COEVAL In correspondence
A10Note of recognition regarding P Martin in Parish Magazinedone
A11Poppy wreaths to order and deliverdone
A12DAA contact to Cllr Tainsh   done