Minutes – November 13th 2018


Minutes of the Meeting 

held on Tuesday 13th November 2018 at 7pm

Public Time

Four members of the public attended. The main concern raised by the public was in regard to the proposed closure of the public toilets in the area by WDBC. There are many visitors who use The Granite Way and there have been complaints from several residents about people using the fields as toilets. If the toilet is closed this matter may get worse. One resident noted that 83% of tourists who visit Dartmoor National Park are day trippers therefore toilets are needed. The feeling was that businesses in the area should not be required to provide toilet facilities and therefore there was a request for Lydford PC to take over the running of the public toilets. 

The PC suggested that since the public toilets were an agenda item this would be discussed in the meeting


Cllrs Cook, Moriarty, Squires, Fowler, Tainsh and MacIntyre. Also Dr Redding (Clerk)

  1. Apologies

Cllr Skeaping

  • Declarations of Interest

Cllr MacIntyre declared interest in a planning application 18/0066. Tree removal at May Cottage.

  • To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held 9th October 2018

Minutes were approved.  


  • Updates to actions from last meeting 9th October 2018 and further actions required

Nearly all the Actions had been completed.

The application to the emergency fund.  Cllrs Tainsh and MacIntyre are attending a Resilience Fund meeting to gather information on the new funding procedures.

The ordnance survey parish map will be sorted out at a later date.

  • Reports from Outside Bodies


  • Borough Council Reports

Cllr Mott agreed to email Cllr Sanders regarding further consultation on the toilets. (A1)

  • Finances

Budget – The Clerk presented the proposed budget for 2019-2020. The approval will be deferred until December when the decision on the public toilets has been made. 

The Clerk will present the full budget in the December meeting.

7a – Bills for Payment

£276.63 – Redding – pay (1334)

£64.80 – HMRC – Tax (1335)

£8.95 – Stationery – (1337)

£40 – Rolfe – WW2 grant 

7b Grant applications

Grant for WW1 donation £100 – invoices received for £40 to pay.   

  • Planning Applications

0527/18 Kitts cottage conversion of buildings into a new development – the PC will object on the same grounds as Highways and DMD22.

18/0066 – Tree works – supported – done

0445/18 – Downtown Farm – noted

0438/18 – Brambleside noted

0432/18 Wastor Farm – noted

  • Correspondence
  • Plymouth and South Hams Joint Local Plan – noted
  • Airband – noted 
  • Communities Together Expressions of Interest for Chair – noted
  • South Hams, Peer challenge – noted
  • S Earl – speeding in Lydford – the Clerk will write to DCC and local Highways representative in support of S Earl – with a copy of S Earls letter enclosed (A2)
  • Toilet – volunteer offer to clean toilets – the PC is considering various options 
  • C Mott – Glover report – noted
  • VAS – already discussed and the shortfall in funding has been found. The Clerk will discuss the site with Highways (A3)
  • Communications via social media – noted
  • Local plan publicity – to link to twitter suggested
  • Proposed budget – the PC agreed to move this to the December PC meeting
  1. Agenda Items and date of next Parish Council Meeting

Public Toilets–In the discussion at the Hub meeting Cllr Mott reported that the reduction of 75% of the funds required was not yet agreed. Despite the lack of information provided beforehand the decision by WDBC is still to close the toilet and this will be proceeding to a full Council meeting. The offer of volunteers to clean the toilets was noted and Cllr Mott agreed that the WDBC will come back to the PC to discuss a way forward. 

On option discussed was that Lydford PC could take on the toilets in entirety or pay for £3000 per year for the first year which would then increase to £4000 per year as full cost but with a reduction in 2020 of about 800. Therefore the total cost would be £3000-£4000 per year. To cover this amount the precept will need to be raised.

Another option may be that the car park and toilets are owned by DNPA so there may be some negotiation on this level. The PC understands the issue and considers that residents should not pay for usage by visitors. Self-financing the toilet (i.e. pay as you go) is risky and may not cover the funds required.

The approach agreed is to explore other sources of funds and to take the views of the parishioners before any decisions are made regarding the precept.  

Actions agreed:

The PC will approach Alison Cola in DNPA Head of land management and the communities funding for DNPA. DPNA is also publicising Lydford as a tourist attraction for cyclists and walkers. Cllr Tainsh will meet with DNPA (A4). 

Cllr Fowler will write to Mr Hughes regarding access funding since the area is a major cycling area. This may be possible under the Local Infrastructure Fund which is provided to DCC. Cllr Fowler to gather further information (A5). 

Contact Sustrans and cycle groups and Mary Tavy for information regarding their composting toilet. Cllr Fowler agreed to do this (A6)

Cllr Cook agreed to contact businesses and St Austells Brewery the latter with regard to providing toilets at the Castle Inn and to explore a potential rebate on their rates (A7)

(Possible contacts include: English Heritage, Dartmoor cycles, cycling shops, local cycling groups (e.g. Tavistock Wheelers), Ramblers Association). 

It was noted that costs for consumables would increase the outgoings despite voluntary cleaners.  Therefore the PC needs to consider these alternative options before a public meeting is held.

The Clerk reminded the PC that the budget was required to be formally accepted by the end of December and applied for in January

The PC agreed to report back in December on progress. The Clerk will contact WDBC regarding the effect on council tax if the precept needed to be raised (A8).  

VAS signs. The shortfall for the VAS sign has been covered by a donation from Lydford caravan park and other sources of funding. 

DAA – 5 sites have been sent to the DAA with google maps and grid refs. Site surveys have been carried out. A response from the DAA is expected in the future with information on the next steps to be taken.

The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 11th December 2018

  1. Urgent additional business by leave of the Chair
  • Bus shelter – an extension to the funding from the Communities Fund will be requested from WDBC (A9)
  •    Lydford School needs community representatives such as PC Councillors. 

Meeting closed at 20:59

.Signed ___________________ Chairperson                       Dated    

A1Cllr Mott to email Cllr Sander re the public toilet consultationtbc
A2Letter to DCC regarding speed signs in Lydfordcompleted
A3 Vas – Clerk to contact Highways again regarding the siteEmail sent to Highways 
A4Cllr Tainsh will meet with DNPA re toiletscompleted
A5Cllr Fowler to pursue information re Local Infrastructure Funding for public toiletscompleted
A6Cllr Fowler to contact Sustrans and Mary Tavy PC re composting toiletscompleted
A7Cllr Cook to contact businesses re sponsorship for toiletscompleted
A8Clerk to contact WDBC regarding effect of increasing the preceptEmail sent
A9Clerk to request an extension to funding for the bus shelter.Email sent