Minutes – January 11th 2022

Tuesday 11th January 2022, 7:00pm

At the Nicholls Hall, Lydford

Present – Cllrs Squires (Chair), Grigg, Skeaping. Cllr Southcott (WDBC)

  1. Public Session (15 minutes or at the discretion of the Chair)
  • Apologies for Absence

Cllrs Tainsh & Blackmore (work), Cook & MacIntyre (sickness), Sanders (health concerns)

  • Declarations of Interest 

Cllr Skeaping – reference planning application


4.     Minutes of the meeting held 14th December 2021

Councillors resolved to agree the minutes, proposed Cllr Skeaping, seconded Cllr Grigg, all in favour

  • Matters arising from the meeting of 14th December 2021

(For information only)

  • Clerk has been in contact with the installers of the play equipment – Caledonia Play equipment, Kinross to enquire whether they are able to rectify the weakness in the footings of the swing equipment. Reply awaited.
  • Clerk has been in communications with WDBC regarding the issues that Councillors have with item 1.9 of the draft contract for maintenance of the toilets in Lydford. WDBC are unwilling to explain the meaning of the clause or to remove it.
  • Update on matters that have arisen since last meeting

(For discussion & information only)


  • Reports from Outside Bodies


  • Borough Councillors Report (circulated)

Previously circulated.

Councillor Southcott highlighted the grants for businesses available through WDBC for regeneration projects post Covid, the rise of cases involving the omicron variant of Covid and the training available for those who might be called upon for debt counselling.

  • Climate Change Emergency (Standing Item)
  • The discussions with DCC and other regarding possible future installation of a rapid charging point are ongoing.
  1. Public toilets (standing item)
  2. Councillor Grigg reported that the new CCTV system has been installed outside the toilets. Only 1 camera is in operation. Council to install a sign indicating that a CCTV system is in operation. (AP1). Cllr Grigg is currently working through the data protection issues associated with retained imagery. The Council is registered with the Information Commissioners’ Office. 
  3. Decoration will take place when the weather improves and will be provided free of charge by Cllr Grigg and local volunteers. 
  4. Councillors resolved to accept the new contract proposed Cllr Squires, seconded Cllr Grigg, all in favour. The contract was duly signed by the Chair on behalf of the Council
  1. Playground (standing item)


  1. Finances
    1. Monthly payments
  1. J Bright                 £307.52             Salary January
  2. HMRC                                 £72.40             PAYE January
  3. J Bright                   £12.50             Plaque #1 Home Guard Bench
  4. J Bright                   £12.50             Plaque #2 Home Huard Bench
  5. Nicholls Hall                        £11.00             Hire of hall for tree hub, 30.1.2022
  6. WDBC                             £1081.66             Recharge, water & electricity – public toilets
  7. David Strothard      £30.00             Installation of Home Guard Bench

Cllrs resolved to make all payments with the exception of that to WDBC, for which they requested further details about estimated electricity charges. Proposed Cllr Grigg, seconded Cllr Skeaping, all in favour. WDBC to be informed of the delay (AP2)

  • Council budget

Councillors resolved to approve the budget as published, and set the precept for 2022-23 at £12,050, an increase of 10.32%. Proposed Cllr Grigg, seconded Cllr Skeaping, all in favour.

  1. Actions taken under delegated authority since last meeting:


  1. Planning Applications:

0704/21 1, South View, Lydford. Part change of use of dwelling to create separate holiday let.

Cllrs agreed to object to the application as there were a number of concerns raised about parking outside the property leading to obstruction of free passage to nearby residences.

  1. Any other urgent business for discussion by permission of the chairman.

(For information only)

Signed  Clerk to the Council                     Date 11th January 2022

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 15th February 2022

Nicholls Hall, Lydford

Action points:

1Clerk to order external CCTV sign for installation outside the public toilets 
2Clerk to inform WDBC of the delay in paying the relevant invoice and to forward meter reading when available.