Minutes – December 12th 2017


Minutes of the Meeting 

held on Tuesday 12th December 2017 at 7pm

Public Time

Two members of the public attended this meeting. Mr Williams updated the PC on the MUGA. It has been decided that the school will host the MUGA.  Other sources of funding are being sought through the Multi-Academy Trust. It is hoped that there will be some development by summer 2018.  


Cllrs Cook, Fowler, Moriarty, MacIntyre, Squires and Skeaping.  Also present Mrs Redding (Clerk)

  1. Apologies

Cllr Tainsh

  • Declarations of Interest


  • To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th November 2017

The PC agreed that the minutes were accurate and they were signed by the Chair, Cllr Cook. 

The Clerk updated the PC on the actions from the previous minutes:

  • The Clerk was asked to contact the Peter Tavy lengthsman with a request regarding the painting of the armillory.  Cllr Skeaping will ask Mr Pettit if he is able to organise the work on the ancient springs and if not the Clerk will request the help of the lengthsman from Peter Tavy (A1).
  • Bus shelter – Cllr MacIntyre asked 9 students using the bus to school about the location of the proposed shelter. There was unanimous agreement from the students that the location at the top of the turning circle was suitable. The Clerk was asked to contact the bus company (Tor and Torridge) to ensure that this would be a suitable stop for the school bus (A2). Cllr Cook will write to Highways (A3).
  • Highways responded to a letter sent from the PC regarding the state of roads in Lydford. They acknowledged the concerns.
  • Defibrillator CD’s – Cllr Fowler reported that no one has borrowed the defibrillator training CD’s from the village hall. The PC discussed the recent fatality in the village and the need to have more people trained in the use of the defibrillator. The Clerk was asked to highlight the free training course in the parish magazine (A4).  The PC will run the course if 15 people showed interest. The Clerk will also organise the course with Mr Rice once the required number of people have responded (A5).
  • Night landing site – The DAA is now in touch with a parishioner who has offered a site. 
  • Matters arising from the Minutes dated 14th November 2017


  • Reports from Outside Bodies

Cllrs MacIntyre reported on the Community Planning Forum attended by himself and Cllr Tainsh. A more detailed report will be provided at a later date but a proposal to develop a resilience plan for Lydford was put forward.  

Cllr Cook reported on the Southern Link meeting. The main issues discussed included the potential for a smaller group to meet, half yearly meetings and the possible changes to the TAP fund rules in 2018. It was noted that crime figures overall have increased in the area by 26% between 2016-2017. There was an update on the vote against One Council and a note that the current budget shortfall for WDBC stands at £166,000. It was also noted that few of the budget shortfalls and no details of planned office locations were provided in the One Council consultation.

  • Borough Council Reports.


  • Finances

The Clerk updated the PC on the finances. The Clerk presented the draft budget. The minor changes to the budget were approved by the PC and the total budget agreed for 2018/19 is £6294. It was decided by the PC that the precept would not increase for 2018/19 and will remain at £6112 with a Council Tax support of £151 making a total of £6263. The extra money for the budget will be taken from PC reserves.

7a – Bills for Payment

£36.00 (1323) CPRE

£267.38 (1324) Pay Clerk 

£62.40 (1325) Inland Revenue

7b Grant applications

A letter has been received from Tree Tops playgroup. The PC discussed the request and agreed in principle to support the application. However before this can be confirmed the PC would like Tree Tops to provide the most up to date accounts, the total cost of the project, information on any grant funding already obtained and the amount being requested from the PC (A6).  

  • Planning Applications
  • P1 Castle Inn – 0417/17 Conditional approval – noted
  • Addendum P2 0585/17 Spring Barn – application for use as storage and distribution. The PC discussed this application and voted 4:1 (1 Cllr had a conflict of interest and withdrew from vote) to object on the following grounds:

Although the building in question may have been in continuous use for storage, it has not been in use as a distribution centre. The term’ distribution ‘ is not explained in the application but it would seem to imply a regular flow of vehicular traffic to and from the building along a medieval track which is unfit for such purpose. The PC referred to  previous comments which were made pertaining to an earlier application for a holiday let on this site which was withdrawn. The Clerk was asked to provide feedback on the DNPA website (A7).

  • Correspondence
  1. Response from Highways regarding the road conditions in Lydford. The letter acknowledged the concern and noted that there would be assessment of road conditions in the future. The PC noted the contents of the letter.
  2. Letter from Mrs Grieg regarding speeding in Lydford. The PC noted the concern and asked the Clerk to respond with thanks and note that this matter is under constant review (A8).
  3. Dartmoor Forum – the Clerk provided the PC with notes from the Forum. At the forum there was a discussion regarding affordable housing and an update of events held within the DNPA. 
  4. Community Lottery plans – noted.
  5. Night landing site communications between DAA, Clerk and parishioner – noted 
  6. Planning workshop sides from Cllr Mott – noted with thanks.
  7. Community Resilience Forum – attended by Cllrs MacIntyre and Tainsh – report to follow.
  8. DALC newsletter – noted especially data protection training requirements
  9. External Auditor appointments – the Clerk was asked to ensure that Lydford PC is exempted (A9). 
  10. Planning Validation consultation for SHDC and WDBC – noted. 
  1. Agenda Items and date of next Parish Council Meeting
  2. Burial ground – Cllr Tainsh gave apologies for this meeting and will report in January

The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 9th January 2018

  1. Urgent additional business by leave of the Chair

Meeting closed at 21.10

.Signed ___________________ Chairperson                       Dated                                

Action list November 2017

A1Painting of armillory and ancient Spring worksCllr Skeaping to update Clerk
A2Letter to Taw Torridge Bus company regarding the location of the bus shelterLetter sent Dec 17
A3Cllr Cook to write to Highways regarding the bus shelter locationEmail correspondence 
A4Note defibrillator training in parish magazineDone
A5Organise defibrillator course once 15 residents have confirmed attendance5 on the list so far
A6Letter to Tree TopsLetter sent Dec 17
A7Feedback on DPNA website re Spring BarnDone
A8Response to Mrs GriegEmail sent
A9External auditor – ensure exemptionsWait for auditor to send docs