Agenda – September 10th 2019


From the Clerk:

 John Bright

The Parish Council is summoned


The WI Room, The Nicholls Hall, Lydford

On Tuesday 10th September 2019 at 7pm

Members of the public are invited to raise matters of public interest – this period will be limited to 15 minutes duration


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of Interest
  3. Minutes of the meeting held 9th July 2019

To resolve to agree the minutes

  • Matters arising from the Minutes dated 9th July 2019
  • Reports from Outside Bodies
  • Borough Councillors Report
  • Council Support Grant

To agree a response to WDBC’s proposal to withdraw Council Tax Support grant from financial year 2020/21

  • Road safety
  • Outstanding VAS on A386

To decide a response to email from Highways Dept. re siting of VAS

  • Safety at Junction A386 with School Road

To decide a response to concerns raised by a parishioner regarding safety at the junction

  • Speed limit through the village

To revisit the question of seeking the setting of a 20mph speed limit through the village following DCC review.

  • Public toilets (standing item)
  • To consider possible improvements to the public toilets which might be made possible through grant funding
  • To consider parishioner’s request for signage directing users of route 27 to toilets
  • Fire Service cover

To take any representations and agree form of words for parish council response.

  1. Public seating in the village

To adopt a plan for bringing the seating up to an acceptable standard.

  1. Council banking arrangements

To move towards adoption of new banking arrangements

  1. Finances
  2. To resolve to approve the payments   Carne Associates                                                                                                                                              (Dog waste stickers)               £ 14.20            1389     J Bright (Pay – July & August)      £ 498.36          1390J Bright (Toilet tissue)                   £  21.74           1390  Total = £520.20HMRC (PAYE July & Aug)           £ 115.80          1391 A MacAllister (Website hosting)   £ 133.28          1392 Michael Jones (Bus shelter)        £  5.34             1393
  • Grant Applications received – None
  • DALC Conference & AGM

To approve clerk’s attendance on 23.10.19

  1. Planning Applications:
  2. To note approval (with conditions) of planning application 0226/19 – extension to Mill Cottage
  3. To note withdrawal of applications 0320/19 – Lydford House Hotel and 0340/19 – field shelter at Forda Farm.
  4. To respond to applications 0347/19 – replacement windows at Forda Farm, 0353/19 – conversion of garage at Rossmoyne
  5. Correspondence

See items listed below

  1. Any other urgent business for discussion

By permission of the chairman.

Signed  Clerk to the Council                     Date 4th September 2019


 CorrespondentSubject / ContentDistribution method & date
01Southern Counties LinkMinutes of meeting 4.7.19Email to councillors 18.7.19
02Cllr Mott (WDB)Annual report from WDBCEmail to councillors 18.7.19
03Bernard WoosterSiting of VAS signEmail to councillors 19.7.19 to include on September agenda
04DNPAPlanning applications 0320/19 & 0226/19 (Revised)Email to councillors 25.7.19
05Tavistock Fire StationFire service consultationEmail to councillors 29.7.19
06DNPALocal Plan workshopEmail to councillors 29.7.19
07DNPAPlanning applications 19/0033 & 19/0034 (Tree works)Email to councillors 1.8.19
08WDBCAsh Die BackEmail to councillors 1.8.19
09DALCLatest newsEmail to councillors 6.8.19
10DNPAPlanning application 0348/19Email to councillors 7.8.19
11Margaret AdamsPossibility of erecting memorial to deceased Lydford residentEmail to councillors 16.8.19Include on September agenda