Agenda – November 9th 2021


From the Clerk:

 John Bright

The Parish Council is summoned

To meet on

Tuesday 9th November 2021, 7:00pm

At the Nicholls Hall, Lydford

Members of the public and press wishing to observe or participate in the public session are cordially invited to attend. Covid restrictions will be in line with the latest Government guidance. Risk Assessment is available on request. Matters for the Council to consider can also be brought to the attention of Councillors or emailed to the Clerk:


  1. Public Session (15 minutes or at the discretion of the Chair)
  2. Platinum Jubilee – Sue Powne
  3. Land adjacent to Lydford primary school – CEO Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust
  • Apologies for Absence
  • Declarations of Interest 

In accordance with the Code of Conduct, members are required to declare any personal or disclosable pecuniary interests, including the nature and extent of such interests they may have, in items to be considered at this meeting.  


4.     Minutes of the meeting held 12th October 2021

To resolve to agree the minutes

  • Matters arising from the meeting 12th October 2021

(For information only)

  • Lengthsman
  • Information Board
  • Update on matters that have arisen since last meeting

(For discussion & information only)

  • Replacement Home Guard Bench
  • Reports from Outside Bodies
  • Borough Councillors Report (circulated)
  • Climate Change Emergency (Standing Item)
  • Update on enquiries with Western Power
  1. Public toilets (standing item)
  2. CCTV – update
  3. Renewal of contract – to discuss and resolve (if agreed) to accept the new contract (circulated)
  1. Playground (standing item)
  1. Finances
    1. Monthly payments

To resolve to approve the payments:

  1. J Bright                 £307.52             Salary October
  2. HMRC                                 £72.40             PAYE October
  3. J Bright                     £7.50             Office supplies
  4. J Bright                     £4.49             Office supplies
  5. J Bright                     £7.99             Office supplies
  6. Jade Tennant                   £555.00             Toilet cleaning October
  • To receive quarterly finance update
  • To Use finance update as a start to plan budget 2022/23
  1. Actions taken under delegated authority since last meeting:


  1. Planning Applications:

To note approval of applications:

  • 0471/21 Smallands – change of use of ground floor of existing barn to residential occupation
  • 0480/21 Higher Beardon – enclose a gated elevation to an agricultural building
  1. Council Policies:

To resolve to adopt new / updated policies

  • Equality Policy V.1
  • Grievance Policy V.1
  • Health & Safety Policy V.1
  1. Any other urgent business for discussion by permission of the chairman.

(For information only)

Signed  Clerk to the Council                     Date 2nd November 2021

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 14th December 2021

Nicholls Hall, Lydford

Correspondence distribution:

1Natalie Daken WDBCInvite to Devon Superlink MeetingCirculated to Councillors 2.11.2021
2Verena McConnelSuggestion of VAS in School RoadCirculated to Councillors 2.11.2021
3WDBCTamar Energy Fest 13.11.2021Circulated to Councillors 1.11.2021