Agenda – June 13th 2023


From the Clerk:

 John Bright


 The Parish Council is summoned

to meet at the Nicholls Hall, Lydford on

Tuesday 13th June 2023 at 7:00pm

Members of the public and press wishing to observe, or to participate in the public session are welcome to attend. Matters for the Council to consider can also be brought to the attention of Councillors or emailed to the Clerk:


  1. Public Session (15 minutes) 
  • Apologies for absence
  • Declarations of Interest

In accordance with the Code of Conduct, members are required to declare any personal or disclosable pecuniary interests, including the nature and extent of such interests they may have, in items to be considered at this meeting.  

  • Any urgent business not listed in the agenda below, by permission of the Chair.

(For information only)

  • Minutes of the meeting 16th May 2023

To resolve to agree the minutes.

  • Matters arising from the meeting 16th May 2023 

(For information only)

  • Notice Boards outside Nicholls Hall

Both boards are the property of the Parish Council and are in poor condition. To consider proposals for repair / replacement. (Cllr L Lenton, Sue Powne)

  • 20’s Plenty

To consider the Council’s response to the 20’s Plenty for Devon campaign.

  • Speedwatch

To consider how the group can be taken forward. (Cllr Southcott).

  1. Lydford Resilience Plan

To consider the previously published Lydford Emergency Plan. (Cllr Hulett)

Does the Emergency Plan remain fit for purpose?

Who will be the officers named in the Plan?

  1. Playground

Progress of repairs to equipment identified in ROSPA report. (Cllr Gilpin).

  1. Southern Links Councils, training opportunities for Councillors

To collate responses to email offering training, particularly for newly elected Councillors (Cllr L. Lenton).

  1. Gorge Hill

To consider an identified issue with the footpath and overgrowth at Gorge Hill and the condition of the Council bench at the top of the hill. (Cllr Hulett).

  1. Finances
    1. To resolve to approve the payments:
  1. J. Bright                            £340.58           June salary
    1. HMRC                                £80.60           PAYE June
    1. Alison Stacey                     £60.00           Catering for Parish Meeting 16.5.23
    1. J Bright                                 £8.70           Drinks for Parish Meeting 16.5.23
    1. J Bright                               £82.00           Printing for Beating the Bounds
  • Receipts – for noting.
  1. Sue Powne – proceeds of Coronation fund-raising                    £403.00
    1. Sue Powne – further funds raised                                                 £73.00
  • Banking reconciliation 30.5.23 – for information

Opening balance 1.4.23         £10,015.25                  Bank holdings at 30.5.23

Add receipts                              £5,724.56                  Deposit Account         £12,000.00

Less payments                         £2,762.50                  Current account               £977.31

                                                £12,977.31                                                      £12,977.31

  1. Planning

To note DNPA responses to applications –

  • 0124/23           Bella Mead, Silver Street        Two storey replacement dwelling. 

Approved by DNPA with conditions.

  • 0161/23           Clifton Cottage EX20 4BH      Side and rear extension.

Approved by DNPA with conditions.

  • 0173/23           Smalland Farm                       Certificate of lawful development – single storey 

extension to existing dwelling. Application refused by DNPA.

  1. Beating the Bounds

Review of the event (Report from organiser previously circulated).

  1. Actions taken under delegated authority.

To note actions taken by the Clerk under the Scheme of Delegation

  • WDBC                         £20.46             VAT on electricity recharges already paid.
  • Sue Powne                £58.24             Invoices paid – Beating the Bounds
  • Paul Brookes            £188.62             Invoices paid – Beating the Bounds

Signed  Clerk to the Council                     Date 6th June 2023

Correspondence distribution:

01Sustainability officer, Totnes Town CouncilInvitation to join the “20’s Plenty for Devon” campaign to have 20mph speed limits throughout Devon.Circulated to Cllrs. Agenda item for June meeting.
02Southern Links co-ordinatorAvailability of funds for training (particularly new) Councillors.Circulated to Cllrs. Agenda item to collate responses.
03DNP PlanningOutcomes of planning applications –0124/23 Bella Mead0161/23 Clifton Cottage0173/23 Smalland FarmCirculated to Cllrs. To agenda for noting.