Agenda – December 15th 2022


From the Clerk:

 John Bright

The Parish Council is summoned

To meet on

Thursday 15th December 2022 at 7:00pm

Members of the public and press wishing to observe, or to participate in the public session are welcome to attend. Matters for the Council to consider can also be brought to the attention of Councillors or emailed to the Clerk:


  1. Public Session (15 minutes)
  • To include a presentation / request from members of the group organizing the 2023 Walking of the Bounds.
  • Apologies for absence
  • Declarations of Interest

In accordance with the Code of Conduct, members are required to declare any personal or disclosable pecuniary interests, including the nature and extent of such interests they may have, in items to be considered at this meeting.  

  • Any urgent business not listed on the agenda below, by permission of the Chair.

(For information only)

  • Parking in School Road 
  • To consider Council’s response to issues raised by parishioners about parking outside Lydford House at  the recent Lydford Lights event.
  • Speedwatch
  • Planning Applications:

To agree response to application:

  • Application 0454/22 Higher Watervale Farm – convert redundant outbuilding to a holiday cottage.
  • Application 22/0056 – fell three trees with ash dieback, Lydford Castle
  • Minutes of the Meeting 11th October 2022

To resolve to agree the minutes

  • Matters arising from the meeting 15th November 2022 

(For information only)

  • Flag policy has been amended as agreed and published
  • Meeting agreed with Richard Drysdale 20th December 15.30
  • Planning application 0392/22 Bella Mead has been withdrawn
  1. Public toilets
  • Responses from Parishioners to the question of continuing to fund the toilets
  • To consider whether to continue operating the public toilets in Lydford and resolve accordingly.

(costs of different possible models circulated)

  1. Budget
  • To consider priorities for next year’s budget and first draft(s) for 2023/4 (documents circulated)
  1. Finances

To resolve to approve the payments:

  1. J. Bright                            £161.89           Website hosting 2022-23
    1. J. Bright                              £35.99           Printer cartridges
    1. J. Bright                            £          December salary
    1. HMRC                                £        PAYE December
  1. Grant requests
  • To consider a request from West Devon CAB for donation.
  • To consider request from Paul Brookes to cover costs of Walking the Bounds 2023.

And resolve accordingly.

  1. Election May 2023
  • Attracting candidates for next Council
  • Election Reserve stands at £800
  • DALC are offering courses for Parish Clerks on Council responsibilities at the elections Cost £30 + VAT. To approve Clerk’s attendance.
  1. Reports from Outside Bodies
  1. Playground (standing item)
  2. Repairs to equipment
  1. Actions taken under delegated authority

To note actions taken by the Clerk under the Scheme of Delegation

  • Nil

Signed  Clerk to the Council                     Date 7th December 2022

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 10th January 2023

Correspondence distribution:

01Anthony PurnellResponding to Council’s request for parishioners’ opinions on whether to keep the toilets open or not.Forwarded to Councillors. Agenda item 10 above.
02Cllr Mott, WDBCRequest for knowledge on Warm Hub provision locally, to be included in database.Circulated to gather info for response. Information passed to WDBC
03DNP planningConsultation, planning application 0454/22 Higher Watervale Farm conversion of redundant outbuilding to holiday cottage.Circulated for discussion at next meeting. Extension to 18.12.22 Agenda item 8 above
04West Devon CABRequest for grant fundingCirculated to Councillors. Agenda item 13 above
05Paul BrookesRequest for funding to support Beating the Bounds 2023Circulated to Councillors. Agenda items 1 & 13 above