The Dartmoor Village of National Historical Importance
in operation since 1999 at no cost to public funds.

Web-Master: Derek W Palmer

The Internet Domain Name ""

I, Derek Palmer, the present owner and web-master of the internet domain "" wish to pass the ownership and running of the domain name and website to a resident of Lydford who will continue to run the website to provide information about Lydford to residents of Lydford and to visitors to the village and area.
I shall require no payment for the domain name.

The conditions for the arrangement will be as follows and will form a contract to be signed by the prospective new owner:
  • The new owner of the domain name "" must be a current resident of Lydford.
  • The new owner will have paid to Nominet the tranfer-of-ownership fee, which I believe to be 10.
  • None of the web-pages of or images on my existing "" web-site is to be used by the new owner of the domain, either directly in the new web-site or by hyperlinks to any copy or copies of those web-pages on the Internet.
  • No advertiser on the existing web-site will have any commitment to continue such advertising.
  • At the bottom of the home page of the new web-site, there must be a permanent statement saying "The first version of the "" web-site was set up by Derek and Ann Palmer of Lydford in 1999.", and that must be a condition of any subsequent transfer of the ownership of the domain name.
  • The domain name "" is currently held via the ISP GeneSys Developments by an annual or bi-annual fee, and that is to be maintained, the fee being paid by the new owner, until the new owner of the domain arranges for the domain name to be held via a different ISP.
  • The ownership of "" shall not be sold or otherwise transferred to any national or international commercial organisation.

If you may be interested in owning in accordance with the conditions stated above, please contact me by email to, including information on whether you have experience in web-site production.

D.W Palmer, 02nd May 2017.

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